2 days in Oxford - recommendations wanted

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wobblingon Mon 15-Apr-13 20:28:39

Plenty of old buildings; most colleges are open to the public, but many charge ,some eg Christ Church, quite a lot!
St John's is open every afternoon, free and has beautiful gardens, old and more modern quads
Worcester college also has lovely gardens 7
New or Magdalen are probably the ones I would pay to go in to.
The oldest part of the University is the Bodleian library, you can wander throught the main quad free but have to pay to go in.
Ashmolean and Pitt rivers museums both brilliant and free.
Lots of churches; if you have a fine day, and like walking, then walk up the Thames to Binsey and there is an old chapel (plus gastropub: the Perch, which gets good reviews ,but I have never been)
My favourite places to eat in City centre are Turl street kitchen and the vaults, which is the cafe inside the University church.

Campaspe Fri 12-Apr-13 19:01:39

Hello. I'm based in Bristol, but have the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Oxford with DH for a child-free 24 hours. I haven't visited the city before, so am looking for some recommendations for things to do and places to eat and stay. I love old buildings, libraries, cathedrals etc, so would like to look at some of the prettier parts of the university: what would you recommend, and what is open to the public?

Also, I love books. Does Oxford have some good book shops? Are there any music shops?

And are there any pubs or restaurants that you think are particularly worth looking out for?

Thanks for any advice.

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