child-friendly gyms in Oxford?

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suzyjetfighter Wed 26-Dec-12 21:34:17

I've been in Oxford for a year and haven't yet signed up to a gym. As it's just me and DD during the week I'm looking for a gym that offers kids programs or clubs so I can bring DD when I want to attend a class or workout. I would also like to go swimming with her but would, equally, like my own workout time! I've gained a stone in the last year so things are getting desperate!

I live in East Oxford so am familiar with David Lloyds and know the Virgin gym in Summertown etc. I know I can go to these places to investigate but would rather find out which ones have good children's programs from mumsnetters to avoid the 'hard sell' I might get when I visit. I'm happy to pay a premium since even 50 pounds/month in gym membership is less than the cost of a babysitter for 6 hours (my babysitter is 8 pounds/hour!)

Any advice would be appreciated.

ruth39 Fri 28-Dec-12 20:32:15

I used the Blackbird leys gym and classes when I was on maternity leave. If you become a member which is about £43 per month (I think) the creche is free and open for 3 hours every morning, otherwise I think it is £2 per hour. I am looking for somthing that I can use in the evenings or weekends as I work full time, so if anyone has info on a gym that offers this it would be greatly appreciated.

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