Any useful contacts for renovating a house in south Oxfordshire?

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ireallyhavenoidea Sun 04-Nov-12 22:36:40


Thanks for the replies. I did post on the property board and got some replies but someone recommended that I post on here for local advice.

Will take a look, thanks Bilbo

Bilbobagginstummy Sat 03-Nov-12 21:51:28

Depending where you are in South Oxon, the Reading edition of this little guide might be of use to you. I used to live in its areas and found it to be a good source of people.

I recommend asking the vendors, the estate agents and the neighbours for recommendations. And do the usual thing of getting a few quotes: not just to get a price but to see what you make of the various tradesmen quoting and whether they are the sort of people you'd be happy to use.

Sinkingfeeling Sat 03-Nov-12 21:47:14

Watching with interest, as we're also renovating a house not too far away from Abingdon. I don't have any contacts to share yet, but you could try re-posting this on the property board, which gets more traffic.

ireallyhavenoidea Wed 24-Oct-12 20:48:05


It looks like we are going to get a house we have offered on (fingers crossed). It needs quite a bit of renovation and we need to get onto it quickly because we need to move in within a few months,

I have been watching the property boards for a while and know that money can be saved by buying online, using local tradesmen / companies rather than the bigger named companies etc. So, could I please ask for some 'insider' tips from people. Any recommended companies or money saving tips?

Also, if anyone knows a good builder around Abingdon ...

Thanks in advance.

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