Thinking of moving to Abingdon...ANY advice is very very welcome!

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propermarvellous Mon 22-Oct-12 05:45:36

Hello there

Its ask-for-advice-time....

We are a family of 4. DH works for himself and so do I. We have a budget of about 250-300k and need a 3 bed house with all the space we can muster as we are all very loud! DH or me may well make an office in the garden to work from. DH needs to get into London about once a week too.

The babes are 8 and 5 so schools are a consideration, both primary and secondary but my hunch says that we need a good secondary more than primary as its coming up fast!

We lived in London v happily for many years, have been in rural Hampshire for the past 3 and whilst loving it, we are missing being in a town very much. The appeal of Abingdon is that its close to Oxford where we can go as often as we like. (We love the idea of being in Oxford but not sure I can handle the bun fight of schools and money is a consideration, the next house we buy has to be the family home for a good few years to come)

So then, ANY advice is welcome..good schools? Apparently North Abingdon is lovely or is there somewhere else that we hadn't considered?

Thank you thank you

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