Primary schools in Cowely - mainly Church Cowley St James & Our Lady's

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sonyasays Sun 23-Sep-12 14:34:36

Thanks for letting me know. Will have to look into it. Thanks

Sinkingfeeling Sun 23-Sep-12 14:29:38

I don't know much about either school, except that I think I read in the local press a few months ago that Our Lady's school is going to become an Academy, linked to St Gregorys secondary school and will be moving to a new building on the St Gregs site, or near it. Might be worth investigating, as that would make it closer to the Florence Park area than to Cowley itself.

sonyasays Fri 21-Sep-12 16:00:22

We are moving to Cowley, Oxford in a couple of months which is the same time as we need to apply for primary schools for my son who will turn 4 soon. I am very anxious as I am moving from a village where everyone just goes to the village school. In Cowley there seem to be several and I don't know anything about their reputation.
Our catchment area school is "Church Cowley St James" & we are very close to Our Lady's Catholic primary school (we are technically catholic just not practicing!). Anyone any thoughts on these two? My son also will be joining Our Lady's Preschool so any thoughts on that would be greatly received too.
I know what Cowley is like and I'm sure it will suit as well, it's just that the schools (which is obvioulsy a major consideration) is keeping me awake at night!!
Many thanks

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