Southmoor. Pros and Cons please ...

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piccalilli123 Fri 21-Sep-12 21:28:41

Thanks for answering Ella. Good to hear. We are still waiting for a decision but fingers crossed will be joining you soon. We visited the park and everyone did seem very friendly!

missyep Wed 19-Sep-12 21:04:46

I live in southmoor and moved here 5 years ago. Like all villages it takes time to setle in and feel like a local but it was surprising here as everyone is very friendly, especially if you walk a dog as this or having a child really engages people in conversation with you, its a lovely place to live. here is a new childrens cenre and pre school, mother an baby groups and a nice junior school. I have a little boy who now atends the sunrise day nursey at the KB end of the vilage and it is fanastic. my boy loves it and I cannot praise itenough. For a young family it is a very nice place to live. it is also well placed for faringdon school when the children move onto secondary school as this is one of the highest rated schools in the county. I have a number of firends who have moved locally to the area with this being part of their reason for doing so. I cant comment on how southmoor compares to other villages as I havent lived in them, but in all honesty living here woudl be hard to beat. sometimes the more 'picturesque' ones are just that and dont offer the community feel that exists and is available to all those that want it to be there for them. please dont hesitate to comeback to me to ask anything further.
BW Ella

worriedmumma Fri 14-Sep-12 21:18:54


I am not from Oxofrdshire and we have only lived her for a short time. DH and I are looking to buy a house (we currently rent) and were looking for a nice village (maybe Appleton, Standlake, Stanton Harcourt, Bampton) but aren't seeing much in our price range (£350k) coming up there but there seem to be quite a few houses in Southmoor.

Now I know that Southmoor isn't as pretty as some villages and is larger but I was wondering if anyone knows it well? My ds is 3 if that makes any difference.

Are there any parts that are better than others? (Obviously the very expensive houses along Faringdon Road are exceptionally nice). Are there any areas best avoided?

Thank you for any advice.

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