Anyone a member of any of the Oxford WI's?

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NotYouNaanBread Thu 30-Aug-12 10:30:51

I'm pondering joining one - my nearest is Walton Manor.

Sinkingfeeling Thu 30-Aug-12 15:57:42

A friend is a member of this one, and they always sound as if they know how to have a good time! Too far for me though ...

NotYouNaanBread Thu 30-Aug-12 19:03:16

Hmm. Bit far for me too - I'm quite near the train station. Why isn't there a city centre one? Or Osney? Hmm? Maybe I'll get all into it and set up a branch in a sensible location. smile

InvaderZim Fri 07-Sep-12 22:14:20

I have been to the Gingham Girls one once - it was set up to be a "younger, hipper" WI chapter. ;)

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