Moving to Farmoor/Cumnor from the Netherlands

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Gnomey Thu 16-Aug-12 21:03:14

We'll be moving with (primary school aged) DS and DD to Farmoor/Cumnor, from The Netherlands, on September 1st. My husband is starting a new job in Oxford. It's all going very quickly, the whole relocation has been a bit stressy as it's had to be arranged by us in less than 6 weeks in the middle of everyone's holiday. It's also a bit scary, what with a new country/house/education system/job to deal with all at once, and we're all a bit nervous.

Is anyone else here living in or around the Farmoor/Cumnor area? If anyone could give me ANY advice about living in this area I'd be really grateful. Any advice - no matter how trivial you might think it is - is welcome; from important things like schools (our children have been placed at Cumnor C of E Primary), to stupid things like which provider has the best mobile signal (I've heard that the whole area has a diabolical reception and that home internet connection there is non-existent).

We're quite concerned about the school situation, as we read that Cumnor C of E Primary is not doing so well on their latest OFSTED report, can anyone shed light on that specifically ?



LooseyC Wed 22-Aug-12 12:52:21

Hi Gnomey - welcome to the area (in advance)! Hope the move is all going well, what a big change for you.

We've lived in the Cumnor are for 2 years and my eldest DS is starting at the c of E Primary School in September. Yes, it had a poor OFSTED and is in special measures, but I'm still pretty OK with my kids going there. You've probably been to visit, but it's a lovely village school with nice feeling (to me). Obviously my DS isn't there yet but the parents I speak to are confident it can pick up again after a period of arguably poor management as everything else seems good, and it's a nice area.

Let me know if you want to chat more - I also work in Oxford part-time (at the University).

And by the way, my BT internet and Tesco mobile phone connections are all fine! (although we do seem to have more than our fair share of power cuts round here for some reason - be warned!).

LooseyC x

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