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MissTriangle Wed 01-Aug-12 12:51:46

We currently live in Manchester, but OH has been offered and has accepted a job in Oxford. We have one DD who is 10 months and have another on the way. It has been a very difficult decision as we own our house (well own with a mortgage) and I work PT in a job I am happy in. But anyway we are moving, in about 6 months.
I don't think we will be able to sell our house, so will be looking to rent out our house and then rent down in Oxford.
I have been looking at where to live, it is a lot more expensive than where we are now. So affordability is key. But I would rather live in a smaller house in a nice area than a massive house in a dodgy one. If that makes sense.
OH thinks I am mad, but have been looking into primary/secondary schools even though DD is only 10 months (she will be 16/17 months when we move), but I hate moving so would rather find a place to settle straight away.
With this in mind have been looking at villages out of Oxford (OH would commute in by motorbike or scooter depending on how far out we are) - I quite fancy Appleton.
Does anyone know the village or any other nearby areas that are worth a look? Should I be considering schools this early- or is it pointless as things could change? We would probably need to rent for a few years then buy when we sell our house.
OH would like to live somewhere bigger really Witney/Abingdon was mentioned, but as I am giving up my job I get to have the final say :-)

DukeHumfrey Sat 04-Aug-12 18:34:42

Don't know anything about Appleton - other than that it is tiny and off the beaten track (though not miles out). It would be very different from living in the city of Manchester!

Would you have a car? That would be pretty much essential there I think.

bloodybuilder Sat 04-Aug-12 18:52:25

Generally Oxford is a wonderful place to live. Lots going on, lively but lots of green space. And only an hour to get to London, Winchester, Birmingham.

No idea about Appleton though.
What's your rental budget?

MissTriangle Sun 05-Aug-12 18:13:47

Thank you for your replies. I will have a car, we only have one car but have heard parking in oxford is a nightmare so OH won't be using it for commuting.
Rental budget would be around £1100 a month maybe a bit more. Ideally would like 3 bedrooms and a garage. Which is why I think living out of Oxford would be better for us as you ? Get more house for your money. Think I am going to need to come down for a weekend and scout around places. I don't mind being off the beaten track so to speak as long as there is a shop for essentials.

thepowerofvoodoo Tue 07-Aug-12 16:23:41

I live in Abingdon and it's great - especially for young children and the primary schooling is excellent, especially in the north of the town. it's a town but on the river and has excellent facilities (water park, outside pool, playground, tennis courts etc) in the various parks. I commute to Oxford by bike or car and it takes 20mins or so. For £1100 you'd get a nice 3 bed renting - either older or newer.

MissTriangle Tue 07-Aug-12 20:14:06

Thanks a lot- will look into Abingdon. Is it best to try and stay on the north side? The idea of an outdoor pool is very appealing smile

thepowerofvoodoo Wed 08-Aug-12 10:15:34

I would say it is best to stay on the north side, especially if commuting to Oxford as the traffic in the centre at rush hour can get difficult in the centre (so I'm told, I don't see it as I leave from the north straight to Oxford). The centre of Abingdon is really pretty too (they are revamping the more 1970s parade at the moment). There are always community events on in the centre, farmer's market etc and also a lot of groups and activities for preschool children. I sound like an estate agent, but I do honestly like it here - I was in Oxford previously and Abingdon is a much better environment.

jumpingjules Sun 12-Aug-12 17:43:27

Appleton is a lovely village. it has a tiny Church school with class sizes no bigger than about 15 and got an Ofsted Outstanding. There is a pub and village hall and not much else. I live in next village Cumnor (2 miles away) with babies music group , yoga classes etc. Abingdon about 1o mins drive away and eay into Oxford. From Appleton your husband could get to Botley PArk and Ride in about 20 mins on his bike. Good evening stuff later in Applteon like Rainbows and Beavers. Lovely little place but Abingdon or Wootton much cheaper for rents.

MissTriangle Mon 13-Aug-12 17:07:20

Thanks so much for the replies. Thanks for all the info jumpingjules. It is really good to know. Appleton sounds lovely - but with it being so small I guess it is hard finding rental properties, am keeping my eye out though. Am looking also at Cumnor and Eynsham now and north Abingdon. At least I am narrowing down places.

NotYouNaanBread Wed 15-Aug-12 15:34:39

For that sort of price point you can get somewhere in the city as well - have a look on rightmove and search for OX2 - there are serveral places on there at the moment in West Oxford and North Oxford/Summertown in your price range, both lovely areas to live with lots of families and with lots of great schools and nurseries.

Oxford city is great, and there's lots to do in the city with a baby/toddler - oodles of baby groups, activities etc.

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