I need people like me!

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Woodstockmumma Mon 23-Jul-12 12:35:39

I recently moved to Woodstock from Summertown, am 38 weeks pregnant with first baby, on maternity leave and in search of similar people to meet up with. Frankly, so far, maternity leave is boring! I want my baby out and to start 'doing stuff' (which, to be fair, these days ideally looks to me like nothing more adventurous than sitting in a very comfy chair and chatting!)

Is anybody here in Woodstock or anywhere nearby?

NoComet Mon 23-Jul-12 12:46:14

Find your local NCT, you may end up liking or loathing them. They vary wildly.

But they run bumps and baby coffee mornings that are designed exactly for bored women on maternity leave and babies too small to do anything.

They utterly saved my sanity when I had DD1 and knew no one with DCs under 7 (I was a brown owl).

Daffyboobface Tue 31-Jul-12 21:23:19

I've just moved to Begbroke and have a 3yo Ds and a 5 month old DD. DS has just started nursery in Woodstock so if you fancy a coffee one morning, pm me - coffee and comfy chair sounds v appealing!

Woodstockmumma Wed 08-Aug-12 19:38:11

Thanks Starball, that's a great idea!

Woodstockmumma Wed 08-Aug-12 19:38:31

Daffy, I've pm'd you!

DukeHumfrey Wed 08-Aug-12 20:02:44

This page advertises Woodstock bump to one.

Superslinger Fri 17-Aug-12 18:26:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ninjasling Wed 12-Dec-12 23:15:13

Latest response to a post ever! Are you still watching? I am in Woodstock and have been going to bumps to ones - I wonder if we've met? I know a few lovely local MNers smile

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