Are there any courses for a 11 month old on over the summer?

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Saracen Tue 17-Jul-12 23:45:42

MAD Academy in Bicester:

InvaderZim Fri 13-Jul-12 23:51:58

You might just be better off going to unstructured play at Children's Centres! I don't know of any "courses" that run during the holidays for anyone younger than school age but plenty of regular activities/toddler groups still run.

TheArtist Tue 10-Jul-12 23:52:06

What is baby college just out of interest?!

bubbababybearsmum Tue 10-Jul-12 20:24:12


At the moment my darling baby bear and I go to baby college and swimming classes but they both have a break over the summer holidays. Does anyone know of any courses which are happening over the break?


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