Abingdon verses Wantage

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lozwp Mon 02-Jul-12 14:54:59

Has anyone lived in both Abingdon and Wantage and so could comment on the differences between the two places?

I've been living in Abingdon for just over a year now and love it here! People are so friendly and I made friends very quickly, there are lots of toddler groups and open spaces, and Abingdon council put on lots of events. I am very reluctant to move!

However, we are only renting and unless I go back to full-time work, which I'm reluctant to do with two kids under 3, then we won't be able to buy a house here. We are torn between renting for a bit longer until the kiddies go to school or to up sticks and buy somewhere cheaper. We have seen a few houses in Wantage that we like and could afford, and I get the feeling it's similar town to Abingdon, no? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

DrSeuss Tue 03-Jul-12 09:28:03

DH is from Wantage and went to school in Abingdon. In laws are still there. Wantage is smaller but has supermarkets, swimming pool, many music groups and I know the seconday school is well regarded although I don't know about the primaries. MIL said there was a weekly soft play somewhere there. Handy for Didcot station. Presumably you drive as it is a bit difficult to get far otherwise? If you like, I can email MIL to find out more.

DrSeuss Tue 03-Jul-12 20:26:18

DH says Wantage is fine for small kids as everything is within walking distance but boring for teenagers as there is nowt there1 He says you will be constantly taking them to Abingdon or Oxford until they are old enough to take a bus.

lozwp Wed 04-Jul-12 21:30:37

Hi there, thank you for your replies! They are some great points to consider! I do drive, but we have just decided to cope with one car and DH has signed up for his work's car-share scheme so I can have the car two days a week which I'm hoping will be enough to get me out and about.

I'm curious though...what does Abingdon have for teenagers that Wantage doesn't? I'm racking my brains to think what Abingdon has for teenagers...only has a leisure centre and not even a cinema. Ah, just figured it...it's because he went to school in Abingdon so his friends were here, no?

Probably more of a girly question, but does you hubby think Wantage is as friendly as Abingdon?

DrSeuss Wed 04-Jul-12 22:04:05

He says it's been a lot of years now but that Abingdon was just that bit bigger and also away from family and neighbours so a bit more fun for a teen. Neither town is exactly a bustling metropolis! To be honest, I would not choose either as I'm a city girl but if you like Abingdon you will like Wantage, probably. If you want specifics re playgroups, shopping, book clubs etc let me know and MIL will find out.

lozwp Thu 05-Jul-12 20:54:49

Hiya, that's great thank you! I might email you one day about some more specific things you mentioned if we decide to move there. And yeah I love the size of Abingdon. I lived in London until I was 18 and then Cardiff, followed by Manchester and whilst I liked them all, I just love the more friendly feel a town (or this town at least) has. Thanks again!

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