Advice on moving to Wantage with 2 kids in tow

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natnet Sun 11-Mar-12 02:27:52

Hi All
We have 2 girls a 5 year old and a 3 month old. We will be moving to Wantage in the Summer 2012. I am looking for some advice on primary schools and pre-schools?
Or if anyone has any general advice on what its like in the area?
Were to live and where to meet other families?
Thanks for your help.

lubyubery Fri 16-Mar-12 09:08:55

I live in Wantage and have three children, the eldest is about to start secondary school this year and the little ones are 2 and 1.

Wantage is a great place for schooling, the three Wantage primaries (Wantage CofE, Charlton and Stockham are all good as is Millbrook in Grove. Grove CofE has mixed reviews but on personal experience it's ok. Theyre pretty evenly matched so it comes down to personal preference and I'd recommend visiting them. If you haven't found a house yet, it's worth looking at Oxfordshires website as they have a page where you put the postcode in and it tells you the catchment you'd be in. In Grove you have a choice of either school.

My eldest went to Charlton, so that would be my personal recommendation, fantastic school with strong leadership and a caring nurturing environment. They have a preschool, Charlton Acorns which by all accounts seems to be good but you need to be in catchment and have name on waiting list pretty early it seems.

Grovelands preschool in grove is very nice and has a lovely purpose built building.

There is a children's centre in the town (next to museum and police station) they have a number of drop in sessions a week. There are also music, sensory and art groups. St johns church in grove runs groups on a Monday and Wednesday and Wantage baptist runs one on a thursday. The children's centre does a saturdads group I think monthly too.

I've lived here forever, and it's great, people are welcoming especially at the children's centre.

CharloS1 Tue 19-Jun-12 21:41:12

hello, I am moving to wantage too in the summer with my three yr old boy and 19 month old girl. have you managed to find out much about schools and things for kids to do? think we will be moving to the west of wantage, near stockham school. we don't know anyone or much about the whole area so its a bit daunting!

natnet Wed 20-Jun-12 19:14:18

Hi we are under offer at the moment and looking at lots of areas...none we know.. my husbands work is in wantage but moving to chilton on the a34 os we have been looking from faringdon to newbury.. not much to choose from and know ideas... yes its a bit daunting! Anyway if we do end up in Wantage I will let you know. I have a 7 month old and 5 year old both girls... good luck to all moving to oxfordshire!

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