Moving to South Oxford - please help me decide

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Valdeeves Mon 30-Jan-12 22:46:40

We have temporarily relocated with our two year old boy to Newbury (renting.)
For various reasons we need to buy a house this year and need to 30/40 mins from Newbury.
I'm looking at Reading or South Oxford.

For me - top priority is outstanding schools, then facilities.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

newyearnewattitude Tue 31-Jan-12 10:48:35

I would avoid anywhere that relies on you using the A34... That road can be an absolute nightmare!

I commuted from milton village (ox14 area) to newbury in that time and used the kidsunlimited nursery on milton park which was ace followed by milton primary school which was lovely and small...

Wantage might be an idea, King Alfreds school is good plus others in that area...

Auntiestablishment Sat 04-Feb-12 14:06:02

Theale? Not that the M4 is a vast improvement on the A34 but it's a bit better.

Beedon? One of the Ilsleys? Not much there but nice, and not too far from Newbury

twofalls Sat 11-Feb-12 03:31:39

It's quite difficult to get to Newbury without using the a34. Wantage is nice, as is Abingdon.

Valdeeves Sat 18-Feb-12 09:10:19

Ok I've been told not to live in Didcot or Abingdon?
What is Sutton Courtney like?

twofalls Sat 18-Feb-12 09:19:08

Depends on what you want. It's quite a big village with a couple of good pubs and some nice walks. Helena bonham carter has a house there and there are some amazing properties. Lots of thatched cottages etc. We have friends there and they find it a little bit cliquey and the school isn't thought to be great. Personally I really like Abingdon and have lived here for 8 years (great place to have young children) but it is s town rather than a village so not really comparable.

If it's a village you want your are Skokie for choice in this area so you really need to come and have a look round.

twofalls Sat 18-Feb-12 09:20:46

One other thing, are you thinking state or private school. There are a couple of outstanding state schools here and a couple of good ones. Lots of privates too.

Valdeeves Sat 18-Feb-12 22:30:04

I'm looking for a state primary, private secondary. What I'm
Looking for facilities really - a nice lifestyle for us a family and us as a couple.

Valdeeves Sat 18-Feb-12 22:31:19

I grew up in the country but lived in the city for years.
I want the best of both worlds!

BensonBunny Sat 18-Feb-12 23:08:02

Do you know which secondary’s you are interested in? There is a good selection in Abingdon with an extensive bus service and a lot of children coming from Newbury and surrounding villages. If you are looking at the Oxford schools you would probably need to be quite close to the city.

I live in Abingdon and like it here, there are good state primaries in North Abingdon. Facilities are good in the town but the shopping isn't great (apart from Waitrose!). There was a lot to do with small children when mine were little and I'm sure it is still the same. Lots of nice restaurants as well.

The primary in Sutton Courtney didn't used to be very good a few years ago, no idea what it is like now. I know a lot of people who live in the village but no one who has sent their DC to the school.

No idea what primaries are like in South Oxford, I have a friend in Botley but her DC go to Cumnor.

There are a lot of villages between Oxford and Newbury so if you want a village you should have a good choice.

lubyubery Fri 16-Mar-12 09:26:49

You can get from Wantage to Newbury over the hills - avoiding a34 in about 25-30mins.

Wantage has v good primaries and an outstanding secondary plus some amenities. Not as many as Newbury, Abingdon or didcot but it does have enough.

PipSA Tue 20-Mar-12 20:10:37

Have been reading with great interest. We are also thinking of relocating to Wantage and have been wondering what it's like. Have also been thinking of living further south(N Hampshire) and then DH having to commute up to the Harwell Science campus on the A34! But perhaps we will have to rethink that if the traffic is really bad ...

choccybics Tue 03-Apr-12 22:32:04

Hi i have just been reading this thread, we are moving to Wantage in the very near future, we have two teenagers and two younger children. Does anyone have any views on the King Alfreds secondary school? Also, which of the primary schools has the best local reputation. I do always do my research regarding schools but i find that you can't beat local knowledge!!

lubyubery Wed 04-Apr-12 11:17:10

Hi, my eldest went to Charlton in Wantage - very good school, strong leadership etc so that's my preference - however all the Wantage and Millbrook in Grove have good reputations so I wouldn't say steer clear of any.

KAs is reportedly the best in the county (I say reportedly as Faringdon community college say they are too!) either way it is very good. I went there, and structurally nothing has been updated, I suspect they were hoping for BSF money but the quality of teaching, and the pupils work is fantastic. They have recently become an academy, and are unique in being a three site school. This is a throw back to when Wantage had a grammar and two schools which then merged. The bonus is that they have yr 7&8 on one site, yr8&9 on another and 10,11 and sixth form on the other, I think that's the best solution they could do. When I was there we had alternate days on each site - that was confusing!

NK254afb31X117b2a12183 Wed 06-Jun-12 16:03:15

twofalls, can you please tell me a bit more about living in Abingdon? I have 2 little girls and have been looking at Abingdon, I've seen/read all the good stuff (I think) what I want to know are the negatives - that way no surprises! Thanks!!

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