"Entertainers" for a 3 year old party

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vanillacinamon Tue 27-Sep-11 12:27:22

I am looking to hire some kind of "entertainment" for my 3 year old daughters proposed birthday party in November.
Thinking of having it in a church hall which (unfortuantely) does not have outside space although in November may that will not be relevant anyway.
So does anyone have any recommendations - the only thing I can think of is hiring out a music or craft type person (monkey music or similar) to come and do some singing and dancing but does anyone have experience of anything suitable for a dozen or so boy and girl 3 year olds in a church all for an hour or so - who works in and around Oxford/Wheatley area (or will travel to Wheatley surrounding area). My daughter loves the singing and dancing sessions she has at nursery.

I dont really want a "disco" or anything which otherwise might be for older children if you are into that (eg make up/princess party) - there will be both girls and boys - although maybe i am naive about what is on offer for young childrens parties

Any recommendations very much appreciated

zinfandel Tue 27-Sep-11 15:04:53

Hi, does your daughter's nursery get someone from outside the nursery to do the singing & dancing sessions? It may be worth finding out who they are and if they do parties if your DD likes them?

If not, I think Monkey music, MAD Academy and Tatty Bumpkin (as well as some others) all do parties for 3 year olds around Oxford with a good mix of singing, dancing and games.

littlerats Tue 27-Sep-11 15:14:21

hi, not sure if it's too "entertaining" but my friend runs http://www.littleprecious.co.uk/ based in Wheatley and she does all sorts of events from birthday parties to large carnivals. she's very talented.

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