primary schools in Oxford - need advice!

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amachori Thu 15-Sep-11 08:16:05

I will be moving to Oxford just before my dd starts primary school. Anyone have any advice on good or bad schools in the area? We will probably be living in east Oxford, catchment school St Michael's C of E, but could possibly be near Summertown (St Barnabas C of E) if we choose (if schools are better?). Any advice gratefully received! Not really sure where to start.

wearymum200 Thu 15-Sep-11 20:31:34

Summertown has most desirable and over-subscribed primaries in Oxford: Phil and Jim's is THE one, not sure what you have to do to get in.
St Michael's is in Marston (I think that's the only one), which isn't usually called east oxford, so apologies if I've got the wrong school. We had it down as 3rd choice, good school, but weak Ofsted's in maths. St Nick's at the other end of Marston was, IMHO, better. The other Marston primary, new Marston, is relatively weak. East oxford proper has a rather variable reputation, but I've no personal experience of the schools
Be aware though, Oxford has a major problem with not enough primary places to go round, so even in-catchment people aren't getting places at their local primary and some not even getting in on sibling rules this year (not sure how that works....)
If you're looking post-primary, then Cherwell is the most favoured school. Marston would be in catchment for that, but I'm not sure about East oxford, you'd need to check
Good luck and get your application in on time!

amachori Sat 17-Sep-11 18:19:17

Thanks wearymum, that's very helpful. It is the St Michael's in Marston - we'll be off St Clements which is kind of East Oxford way but central end of. I was surprised that St Michaels is listed as the catchment school though as it's not the closest. Not really sure how that works. Other Marston schools are more than a mile away so probably not a good bet. Thanks again.

Catz Sun 18-Sep-11 20:24:55

I don't particularly know about those schools but you may find it useful to look at the 'how were places allocated last year' bit of the admissions website here to get a feel for how oversubscribed (or otherwise) they are, though you may have already seen this.

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