Hairdressers for children in Oxford

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Sinkingfeeling Sat 14-Aug-10 23:42:55

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser who is good with kids in Oxford please? Would consider a mobile hairdresser too. I'm in East Oxford.

notremotelyintofootie Sun 22-Aug-10 18:06:00

did you find anyone? My 9 month old dd needs a haircut too!

Sinkingfeeling Sun 22-Aug-10 23:01:18

No - still looking!

wideratthehips Sun 12-Sep-10 17:00:55

i recently took my boys to Anne Veck and they were BRILLIANT. I was expecting a major freak out with my 3yr old but no probs. you pay their age from £5 and they cut their hair the exact way i wanted it.....we then went next door to la cucina for a nice ice cream reward

NeoCarbon Sun 05-Oct-14 17:51:58

I went to The Plain Barber Shop with my 3 year old hyper active son and the barber was brilliant. My son never behaved that way before just was tickled which is normal but it was all done in 15 minutes and I couldn't have asked for more. 14 St Clement's st, ox4 1ab. Open 7 days a week.

LeapingLizard Mon 06-Oct-14 05:44:03

BTW Anne Veck doesn't do the cheap kids' deal anymore. Pity - it was great for my then-preteen.

Ranj77 Wed 17-Dec-14 10:23:49

How about a good hairdresser for impatient little girls? Plus she has curly tricky hair...and is 4 going on 14! Any suggestions in oxford centre, jericho, summertown or headington welcome...everywhere else tricky to get to. Thanks.

ColoradoKatie Mon 29-Dec-14 15:11:58

Looking for a hairdresser in Marston area for my 2 yr old.

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