Mums living around clarksfield

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Rani6 Mon 06-Feb-17 00:22:50

Hi ladies,

I'm also muslim,moved here from London with hubby and 10 months old son.
Live in Oldham.
My email add is


ABIGAILGIBSON Sun 12-May-13 09:23:05

Salaam sister, im a revert and have been in the oldham area for a a year after marriage and like you i too find it quite difficult to find friends, what with having to look after my two boys ( if you count my husband) i live just off ashton road and would love to make likeminded freinds as my religon is very important to me.

Ragdoll12 Mon 06-Aug-12 17:36:59

Hi everyone, I'm a SAH muslim mum with a toddler been living in Oldham (clarksfield) for 3yrs, relocated when I got married. only mentioned the Muslim thing as I'm fairly religious so don't drink or go clubbing. I like meeting people of all backgrounds as that's how I was brought up but find it hard to make friends in a totally new town. Haven't even been to a mums n toddlers as i dont know any within walking distance as no car which is the saddest thing for me. would be grateful for any info on nearby parent toddler groups as I think it'd be good for us. Thankyou x

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