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sineadobrien1989 Wed 05-Sep-12 10:35:19

hiya im also looking to meet mums in nottingham im near bulwell area and have two girls 5 nd 3 nd a boy ont he way due in dec would like something to do during days of boredom and being stuck in ! smile x

gma1 Wed 08-Feb-12 22:45:13

I too am new to the area and have an 18 month old boy. Would live to join you for social endeavours. Let me know if you have anything planned. Gx

sarahmummykidsley Thu 02-Feb-12 16:41:09

Hey im new to mums net, my names sarah ive got a three year old son. I live in long eaton and im looking to meet other mums around this area so me and my little man can have a social life smile just looking for friends to sit and have a cupper while the kids play.

NikRik Thu 19-Jan-12 13:37:44

Hi. I am a mum to be and just moved to Hayes, Kent and would like to meet other mums to be or mums to socialise with.

gembellina11 Fri 01-Jul-11 18:36:12

Hello Mums, I've just joined mumsnet too in the hope of finding some mum's in West Bridgford or surrounding areas that may want to meet up? Had first little girl 5 days ago, bit too scared to go to any big group things with her where I won't know anyone so wanted to see if there was anything going on here first. please get in touch if anyone fancies it or let me know if anything is already planned!

nasdabest Wed 29-Jun-11 17:35:05

Hi am 24 Im also new to mumsnet and I am looking to meet other mums with children of any ages really i have 3 children all boys age 7 months 5yrs and 6yrs so getting hang of it . I am in the bilborough/wollaton area of Nottingham and who like to find mums for coffee/days out for once we need let down our hair just chill so anyone wanna chat or maybe meet up i am availalable just let me knw if your interested many thanks for your time. take care see you soon.

Nela Tue 21-Jun-11 14:41:15

Hi everybody, I am 29 and have a 3 year old. Even though we moved to Nottingham 5 years ago we don't have any friends with kids. I would love to meet other moms with toddlers in the area for a play, nice walk in the park or anything to get us more active smile. As I have just joined I am not really sure how this works or how to get in touch with people, so any suggestions are more than welcomed. thanks

etyksm Wed 04-May-11 18:56:08

Hi, I have a DS aged 21 months and am expecting No2 in September.
I can also endorse Tiny Talk, even if it is just an excuse to learn nursery rhymes and meet up with other mums! (My son does do some signs despite me doing next to nothing outside class so it can't be all bad!) I did 2 terms starting at about 6 weeks.
The NCT Bumps and Babies groups are also very good, I went to the Beeston and Long Eaton ones and found them both very friendly. There is also a second one in long eaton now, bumps and beyond that also has toddlers that I am planning to go along to when my maternity leave starts. There are quite a few second timers at that one :-) There are other Bumps and .. groups around Nottingham but I can't remember where they all are.
The NCT Nottingham Facebook page is pretty regularly updated with details of all the groups and also other activities tend to post on there as well, so you can see what else is happening.

0livia Mon 04-Apr-11 21:29:32

Hi MrsBarks and mojo1981. I live in Nottingham too, and would love to meet mums and mums-to-be. My husband and I are expecting our first baby - a boy - in July. Would be great to arrange something in our area!

mojo1981 Thu 17-Mar-11 13:38:49

hi, i'm 29 and just about to have my first baby in may (little girl) would love to meet people as i haven't quite found my feet socially even after nearly 4 years, i live in clifton and can drive. go on leave from end of march too!!

MrsBarks Tue 08-Mar-11 15:52:33

Hi Girlies
I have a 5 year old girl, and I am due to have a little boy in May, I really need to get out and about soon! I will start Mat leave mid-April so will be free. I live in Beeston, soon to be Chilwell, shall we all set something up? I'm happy to arrange something or to go along to something else pre-arranged? Perhasp we could set up a group somehow, if not on here (sorry, no idea how it works on here as I've literally just joined!) then maybe on facebook if that's easier for people as I do tend to check that daily?
Let me know if you want ot add me as a friend on there and I'll send you my details.

wendosys Wed 16-Feb-11 23:19:14

I Run a toy Library on a Monday morning 9.30-11.30 where you can hire toys for £1 per week, and a toddler group on Tuesday morning 9.30-11.30 called toddler time, we do crafts, singing and have lots of toys and new mums to meet. Both these are at Carlton Pentecostal Church Station Road, Carlton Nottingham both run during term time only. We do not charge any admission fee only 20p for a tea or coffee.
It would be great to see you there.

mumofjemima Tue 02-Mar-10 00:07:07

To all you mums wanting to meet people, I was exactly the same when I had my first DD (now 2 1/2 and on my second DD who's a full of beans 9m old) as I knew no-one round here. I found that if you meet one or two mums then you can be brave together and go along to other groups and classes and meet more friends!

I found TinyTalk baby signing classes fantastic as they give you the opportunity to spend some quality time (out of the house - yeah!) with your baby, remembering how to sing those nursery rhymes you only vaguely remember, and learning to sign with your baby, which is amazing and has to be seen to be believed!

A great part of it, though, is that the second part of the class is social time so you get to have a cup of tea and a biscuit with like minded mums and make friends - ideal!

I liked them so much that I've taken over teaching the classes in South Derby & Long Eaton..but there are classes all over Derby and Nottingham and surrounding areas.

Why not give them a go? They're suitable from birth - my youngest baby there at the moment started at 4 weeks! - which not many groups are.

Check out for details or email me on, and i'll be happy to help.

hope you all manage to meet lots of friends and have loads of baby fun!

choccymum Sun 28-Feb-10 16:12:00

hi all, i have two little ones 2 and 5 months i would love to meet up with anyone, i have no family here at all so forever feeling a little isolated!

asparagusaddict Fri 12-Feb-10 10:27:16

hello, i'm new to both mumsnet and nottingham too - no children as yet but our first is due in may.

i'd certainly be interested in any mother and baby groups to meet other mums when the little one comes along, i am a bit of a sad case at the moment as i don't know anyone in nottingham apart from my husband!

MamaMelike Wed 03-Feb-10 22:50:30

Hello there. I am new to Mumsnet but also to Nottingham. I have a 7 month old baby girl and would love to meet with other mums and babies. So please let me know if anyone is up for a coffee and play time.

Can anyone also suggest a good baby playgroup near Carlton/Burton Joyce?

samcat Wed 13-Jan-10 13:14:42

hi have just moved back to notts after 5 years, now with fella, 2 kids and dog (gulp)

living in west bridgford- be great to get in the loop, meet people & find out whats on....

anyone out there?

bogie Thu 05-Nov-09 09:14:06

Hi Tomad,
I have a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl with another due in March, I currently live in Netherfield but our family is in West Bridgford and we are looking to buy a new place there within the next year.

The goose at Gamston have parent and todder sessions every morning I belive, and My son loves it there he is having his birthday party there.

Tomad Mon 02-Nov-09 13:32:57

Great to hear from you, your children are more or less the same age as mine! What places do you tend to go to with your 2? We live in Gamston and I've noticed there aren't any mother & toddler groups here. Am therefore looking into perhaps setting something up to fill the gap, so would appreciate hearing from anyone who'd be interested in attending one locally.

8natgene Mon 02-Nov-09 09:08:03

hiya im also new arround here - im nataliw mummy to gene 3 next week n kimberlay 14 weeks - trying to entertain children at the same time is very hard lol xx

Tomad Sun 01-Nov-09 21:57:50

Hi, I'm new to Mumsnet and am interested in meeting up with other mums. I have 2 children - a 3 year old boy and a 12 week old daughter - and am really struggling to fill the days in a way that keeps both children happy. Am thinking that meeting up with other mums with similar age children would be great for my son and great for me to compare issues/problems etc!

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