Hi, new to mumsnet nottingham, any young mums out there?

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Jude1 Sun 02-Sep-07 14:25:45

Hi, i'm new to mumsnet. I have an 11 week old son, i'm about to turn 20 and i don't know any other mums my age so i have no1 2 chat babies with. Are there any other young mums around who want 2 talk about kids with me?

Katie0907 Wed 05-Sep-07 10:45:41

HI there. How are you. I'm 20 and I'm currently one day overdue with my first baby. I have just moved to Nottingham so I don't know anyone in the area. So if you wanna give me a few days for my baby to arrive I'd be more than happy to chat with you about babies.


dressedupnowheretogo Wed 05-Sep-07 15:07:36

im 25 if thats not too old and have a 13month old little girl

Jude1 Wed 05-Sep-07 21:18:07

Aaw, that's great there's 2 nottingham people about. I hope everything goes will with the birth katie... that's always a fun time :S

What's your daughter's name? my boy is daniel, the cutest little thing u'll ever meet. He went to baby massage for the 1st time 2day, but he wldn't really join in because it meant that i was putting him down and not hugging him!

dressedupnowheretogo Sun 23-Sep-07 21:30:39

hi sorry must have missed the thread my lo name is charlie-jayne and she too of course is adorable i also have a couple of mates who are your age one has a girl of 2 and a half and the other has a lil girl of 7 months maybe i can arrange a meetup if you'd like let me know

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