Muslim mums in Nottingham and WB

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Picklepickle123 Tue 09-May-17 14:16:34

Hi, long time lurker but first time poster! I'm due in June with our first baby and looking for mums in the area for meets up and coffee and other such fun things!

I am a Muslim (full disclaimer!) And have found it hard to make friends through antenatal groups and apps because people automatically assume certain stereotypes or just ignore me confused. Haven't got any family in Nottingham so am feeling a little alone and would love to meet other mums who could offer a lite support.

So I there anyone about in WB who fancies a slightly wacky and unsure soon-to-be mummy friend?

LocalEditorNottingham Mon 22-May-17 15:01:23

Hi there,

Sorry to see you haven't had much response yet. Would you be happy for me to tweet a link to your post? That might reach a few more people.

Have you found the regular 'bump and baby' meet ups e.g. at The Poppy and Pint and Larwood & Voce?

There are lots of classes locally for new mothers and babies - might it be easier to meet people while doing something together?

Some examples here (we're just tweaking our listing filters, there are more, which should be showing in a few days. Try using a 'West Bridgford' filter on our 'Pregnancy and Postnatal' listings).

Hope all goes well smile

Shamaz Wed 24-May-17 14:57:15

Hi, I live in West Bridgeford and I am Muslim! But my kids and 5 and 8. Still happy to meet up if you don't mind smile

icklekid Thu 25-May-17 04:04:24

I'm not a muslin and have a 3 year old and 1 year old but happy to meet up in the park or similar over the summer in wb if you are feeling lonely! How sad that others have made assumptions based on your religion- that makes me quite cross! Anyway drop me a message if you would like to!

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