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YeOldeTrip Thu 30-Mar-17 09:52:56

Dear all, we are looking at moving to the West Bridgford area with two DS in Yr7/Yr8. Schools we are in a special needs/ECHP situation so we do not need to be in a specific catchment.

WB is proving a bit steep for our budget so we are looking at Wilford as that would be convenient for commuting on the tram. I do know West Bridgford from living there in the 1990s when it wasn't quite as yummy, and that is why we are moving back to be near friends and family. What is Wilford like now and is it good for teenagers? I worry a bit about proximity to the Meadows.

Silenenutans Sat 01-Apr-17 11:27:56

I think Wilford is nice. Quiet, convenient, good location, I'd be happy to live there. No idea about teenagers specifically but being so easy to get into town or WB must be a plus.

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