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Ralphstar Mon 06-Mar-17 21:39:53

Dear mumsnetters
Hi! This is my first ever post - sorry for any mistakes!
My husband has just been offered a job in Nottingham and we are going to be moving up from London. Could anyone tell us where in Nottingham we should be looking to live or not live? We love properties with character and ideally we'd love a period property. We live in an up and coming area in London and would he happy with somewhere on the up! But equally happy with a more established area. We don't mind where in Nottingham we are - we would travel for a nice house/area. We have a max budget of £600,000 (absolute max! Cheaper would be nice!!) We are also looking to (hopefully!) get our son into a friendly independent school because we are really keen on their extra curricular side of things. We would much much prefer a nurturing and caring school over academics. Can anyone recommend? In London we would have had to sign our son up from birth to get a place at an independent school - is that the same in Nottingham?
If we could find a house near a nice coffee shop with a community of mums (I'm expecting) and nearish a nurturing independent school, we would be very very happy!
Thank you so much for your insight - we so appreciate it!

nottinghamgal Mon 06-Mar-17 22:28:12


600k will get you a lot of house in Nottingham especially if you don't want to live in the cool areas.

West bridgford is yummy mummy central and has a nice shopping street.

Mapperly has a lot of period properties and lots of doctors etc live in that area. Still close to town.

I lived in Sherwood for a while, near town but quite cheap still.

Beeston is nice and you have the tram into Nottingham.

First out is long eaton and that's there Trent college is which is probably the best for breadth of education (sports, music) and not quite as academic as the high school which is in the centre of Nottingham.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.

nottinghamgal Mon 06-Mar-17 22:28:58

How old is your son? You should be fine for places.

Tartle Mon 06-Mar-17 22:39:21

Based on how my family members have done I would say Trent is more nurturing than the high school, especially for sports. I don't think the high school gave particularly better academic results either.

I don't really rate mapperly, some nice houses but don't like the overall environment. I think west bridgeford is the nicer part of town to live in but once school choice is taken into account I suspect id end up on the other side of the city.

I suppose it is worth thinking about commute to work as well. Nottingham isn't a big city though so plenty of choice. Other options would be to live outside and commute in. There are loads of lovely villages within a 30 min commute of the city centre.

nottinghamgal Mon 06-Mar-17 22:40:33

I love looking at houses.

Nice doer upper in long eaton

This one is sold but shows you much further money will go


Oooh this is nice.

Tartle Tue 07-Mar-17 10:51:20

Fixer upper in plumtree


LIZS Tue 07-Mar-17 11:02:12

There are much nicer villages than Cotgrave if you don't need to be in Nottingham itself. Bingham scores highly on quality of life, schools etc for example.

Silenenutans Tue 07-Mar-17 11:26:18

Ohhh, this is making me want to move house! I've become so inured to West Bridgford prices I'd forgotten what you could get in other parts of the city i.e. £400-500k will get you a good-sized 3-4 bed Victorian semi, or a 4-5 bed new-build in WB, with small gardens but a fantastic detached elsewhere.

That's because of consistently good state schools in WB, in quite sharp contrast to parts of the City.

Where you'd want to send new baby for primary school will be a consideration. If you do look at WB with that in mind, make sure you're near your preferred school, not at the edges of catchments which can become a 'no-man's land' of not being offered either of your nearest schools.

As well as the two bigger schools mentioned, there's Hollygirt, which is smaller, and as I understand it aims to be nurturing and less academically driven. I think they take boys to 16 now, used to be girls only.

The loveliest, most upmarket area in town is The Park. Mapperley Park is nice too (not the same as Mapperley but adjoining. Smallish, quiet). Both are convenient to the High School and Hollygirt but probably not fantastic for state primaries.

For convenient coffees with Mums, WB or Beeston (and Chilwell / Bramcote) are the obvious areas. Some others will be good too.

So I'd start with schools and work from there. Have fun!

Badhairdaytoday Wed 08-Mar-17 08:56:34

The good news is that with a £600K budget you're well placed to find a nice family home in the Nottingham area.

There aren't loads of independent schools to choose from though I'm afraid. so I'd also recommend starting your search with schools. Off the top of my head:

In the city centre:

Nottingham High School - very old boys school that went co-ed only a couple of years ago. Reception to Sixth form. Very academic, but also good for sport, music, CCF. Is usually referred to as 'the boys' high'.

Nottingham Girls High School. is literally next door to the now co-ed 'boys'. Reception to sixth form. Very academic, not so good with extra-curricular (sport music), but I think this is improving now.

Hollygirt - I know less about, used to be a girls school and less academic. Is now co-ed.

The above three schools share a bus service with buses covering a wide geographical area.

Primary in the centre of town there's also St Joseph's, I think it's Catholic but I don't know much about this one.

Further out there's Trent College at Long Eaton. Prep is The Elms. Co-ed, reception to sixth form, offers boarding, less academic than the High schools but still very popular and competitive, good for extra-curricular, sport, music, CCF etc. Good reputation for pastoral care and learning support. School buses leave later in the day allowing pupils to take part in after school activities, but can make it a long day if you're reliant on the bus service. From year 9 there is Saturday School, so in school on Saturday mornings. Popular residential areas nearby are Long Eaton, Beeston, Bramcote.

Further out but commutable and therefore popular with Nottingham residents, I would also consider the following:

Primary - Plumtree - small co-ed in a very small village, but near West Bridgford, Keyworth, and the popluar 'W' villages (Widperpool, Wysall, Willoughby etc); Highfields -co-ed, near Newark.

Loughborough schools - Fairfield is the co-ed prep, then at 11+ there's the Boys Grammar and the Girls High, both quite academic schools. I think the boys offer boarding, plus The Convent (Catholic, I think they have a prep dept too). Buses to popular villages south of Nottingham, and at least as far as West Bridgford. They are collectively part of the 'Endowed Schools' and do some things together - eg music, drama.

Ratcliffe College. Catholic co-ed nursery to sixth form. Less academic but good results, strong on extra curricular, sport, music, drama, CCF, D of E. Offers boarding. Swimming pool on site. It's on a rural campus nearer Leicester but easily reached via the A46 from West Bridgford, Bingham. Good reputation for pastoral care and learning support. School buses to West Bridgford, leave later in the day to allow for after school activities, but can make it a long day. The Prep school building is state of the art, only built a couple of years ago (school itself is older). I think it's smaller than Trent and the Nottingham / Loughborough schools.

As pp said, West Bridgford is 'yummy mummy' central, and has a good stock of older, character homes. Close to the city centre, lots of sports facilities, popular for nights out without going into 'town' (ie Nottingham). Has good state schools, and for this reason housing prices are higher. Bingham state schools also strong and although much of the town has been built in the last 20 years so less period housing available, it has a nice thriving town centre. .

Generally the nicer areas to live are in the Borough of Rushcliffe, South of the river, and South / East of the city centre, but as mentioned by a pp The Park in the city centre near the castle is always very popular (a lot of folks would say 'posh') and lots of character / period properties. A friend of mine moved out when the DC arrived though - not much space for kids to run around etc. And as I said above the residential areas just beyond the university and towards Derby are popular with families too.

Happy for you to PM me if it would help. My DC have attended 3 of the above schools and I know kids at others. My advice to anyone asking me about schools is to take the time to go and visit all of them on a normal working day, open days are good but don't give you the same appreciation for what it's really like, plus all children are different and the 'right' school is the one that you and they feel is the best fit. If fees are an issue at all, the more expensive ones tend to have more included rather than appear as 'extras' (eg lunch, after school care, and if you're working and need extended school hours then Trent and Ratcliffe would probably make life easier). Good luck!

Ralphstar Wed 29-Mar-17 10:57:48

Oh my gosh - mumsnetters - you have come up trumps! I had no idea this was such a great platform! I didn't check this thread for so long because I didn't think anyone would reply, but you have literally enabled our move! Thank you so so much!!
nottinghamgal we went to see two of the houses you suggested - the Sherwood and the Mapperley Park ones - fell in love with both and have had an offer accepted on the MP house, which is amazing! I can't thank you enough!
Thank you everyone for all your selections - you guys got us bang on!
We went to visit Trent College and their Prep, The Elms and we loved it! As an ex-teacher, I feel I've seen some good schools in my time, but we were blown away by The Elms. It was everything we were looking for in a school - such a friendly, dynamic, exciting place to be! Plus they get the results. Our son went in for a completely non-intimidating and friendly taster day and was offered a place - we are OVER the moon! For anyone else looking at Nottingham, we cannot recommend the school enough - the Head of Admissions was amazing, in fact every member of staff we met, impressed us with their dedication and enthusiasm. Wow - what a school!
Thank you again mumsnetters - we have totally fallen for Nottingham - what an exciting place to be!

Neshobe Wed 29-Mar-17 22:13:19

Fellow Mapperley Park mum here. The only thing you didn't get information on is coffee shops. The Crimson Tree in Sherwood is lovely, great breakfast, lunch and tapas on weekend evenings. The Bakehouse is just a few doors up, also nice, and Le Mistral (French) is lovely for a quick lunch or supper.

You'll love MP. 5 minutes from town, 15 mins from countryside. We even have owls in our trees every night.

Good luck with the move

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