Lots of things to do in Nottingham this summer - what have we missed?

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LocalEditorNottingham Tue 26-Jul-16 13:02:34

Hello All,

We’ve been working hard to list over 300 local activities for the summer holidays smile

There are week and day camps, workshops, drop-in activities, crafts, sports, cookery, wildlife, science, superheroes, tours, trails, festivals, films and theatre (indoor and out). Anything else?

If you know of any other events – summer fetes, open days, classes, productions or other fun things to do, anywhere in Nottingham – please do let the Mumsnet Nottingham audience know too.

You could:

1) List the event yourself, in our summer holidays section.

2) Encourage the event organiser to list their own event.

3) Let us know about the event by posting in the thread below – a web-link would be great, or as much detail as you have – and we’ll do our best to track it down and add it ourselves.

We think our holiday listings are really quite good but we’re sure you can make them even better and all the more helpful for other local parents.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions flowers

Mumsnet Nottingham Local Editor

Perfect timing, I've got a week on my own with ds next week and I'm just planning our days out! I'm in Mansfield, do you want me to add any north Notts events I come across?

lots going on for free or very little at Mansfield Museum

LocalEditorNottingham Tue 26-Jul-16 21:33:30

Hello smile

We cover Greater Nottingham - so Hucknall down to Ruddington, Stapleford (Long Eaton to an extent) across to Gedling, roughly.

There is a Nottinghamshire site that covers the rest of the county but it hasn't had an editor for a long time and isn't very active. Mansfield belongs there really.

But, I do include a few 'further afield' events in the holiday listings - obvious things like the Sherwood Forest Festival and family events at a few National Trust places - that people might do as a day out.

By all means make suggestions on this thread though. We have quite a few users in surrounding towns and villages who might like to know about things happening more locally to them, as well as the 'days out' ideas.

...and, come to Nottingham, it's great!

LocalEditorNottingham Mon 01-Aug-16 22:34:57

Well, we and others have added more activities - free guided bike rides, tennis challenges and aerial dance classes among them - but we know there's more going on out there.

Do share your local knowledge, ideas and especially, recommendations here. You're very welcome to add reviews to any of our listings too smile

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