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Candy123 Mon 18-Jan-16 16:34:22

Hi there my husband and I are first time buyers looking to buy a property in nottingham where we've recently moved. We're not sure which areas are the right areas apart from west bridgeford which we can't afford and also what a good budget/price range for a nice 3 bed would be. We are expecting our first child soon so want a good catchment area and most importantly somewhere where the resale value is good. We are clueless. Finally we want some place with a bit of diversity since we are not originally english and looking to fit in! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks smile

Silenenutans Tue 19-Jan-16 00:25:33

Hello Candy213,

Ok, well, lots of options depending what your priorities are and on your budget. I'd start with budget to work out which areas you can consider, then look at catchment areas. Nottingham is quite diverse on average but yes, that varies between neighbourhoods.

Beeston / Chilwell is an obvious place to start. Beeston has its own town centre, lots of facilities within walking distance and the university makes it reasonably diverse. There are some good schools. Different sub-neighbourhoods have houses in different price brackets e.g. Beeston Rylands is cheaper than central Beeston.

Could you indicate what sort of budget you're working with, so we can offer better advice? e.g. Are you roughly in the Beeston / Wollaton / Mapperley bracket, or more in the Sneinton / Old Meadows range? Or in between?

Candy123 Tue 19-Jan-16 17:19:26

Hi Silenenutans

Thanks so much for ur response! Our budget is 180 to 220 k (pushing it) like we'd really be stretching ourselves at 220 but it's doable for the right place! smile

Like i said I'm a bit concerned about resale value Cuz we're not sure how long we'll be here For so we might have to relocate to another city in maybe 3 years or so...

Silenenutans Tue 19-Jan-16 21:11:42

Hi again,

Ok, you can certainly look in and around Beeston at that budget. Also try Wollaton. Definitely check school catchments and reputations - I know there are some good ones round there e.g. Fernwood (secondary) and good catchments should help with re-sale value.

Mapperley and Woodthorpe are nice, quite suburban. I don't know about schools there. Arnold might be worth a look and there are some good secondaries e.g. Redhill.

Hope that helps a bit - and that people who know some of the neighbourhoods better appear soon!

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