Recommend your vet for English Bulldog or dog with allergies/skin issues

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Neshobe Mon 03-Aug-15 21:29:43

We have recently moved to Nottingham. Can anyone recommend a vet knowledgeable about English Bulldogs and their various aliments?

Our poor pup has so many skin allergy issues, ear infections, etc, that we need someone who is knowledgeable. Any leads would be much appreciated.


Silenenutans Thu 06-Aug-15 20:06:23

Not very helpful but I used to take my cat to Castle Veterinary on Castle Boulevard and found them really good with small animals. Maybe worth asking them anyway.

LocalEditorNottingham Wed 12-Aug-15 23:19:57

I happened to ask a vet about this and their advice was that it doesn't matter too much which vet you choose, they should be able to help you themselves, or by referral to a specialist if necessary.

Apparently skin issues are common in bulldogs but the issues they have occur in other dogs too, bulldogs are just more prone to them. So any vet should have relevant experience. (To paraphrase inexpertly).

Not sure if that's reassuring, or takes you any further towards choosing your vet. Hope you and the puppy are settling in well smile

MiaowTheCat Mon 17-Aug-15 20:08:06

It's over in Derby but relatively easily accessible off the A52 - but Pride Vets on Pride Park (imaginatively) are really good with our greyhound (who is similar in terms of really benefiting from vets with specialist knowledge of various breeds). Always been very helpful for us and easy to get appointments with when needed (and fine when the ruddy dog immediately makes a recovery the second the vet appointment is booked!)

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