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kidcrayola Sun 27-Apr-14 16:58:22


I hope it's ok to post this here. My husband is considering a new job in Loughborough, which would see us moving from Swindon to somewhere reasonably close by. I've been trying to do a bit of research about areas on the internet but am no near closer to having a preference, so I'm wondering if anyone can help please?

We'd like to move to an area that is within a 30 min commute of Loughborough, we don't mind living in a rural location or a more city based location but we would like a "nice" area (hope that doesn't sound too snobby), somewhere with a bit of community, park, nice places to walk, some local shops - nice child friendly/bf friendly cafe, perhaps a deli etc. We will be moving with our 14 month old who is very active, we attend music, swimming and toddler groups where we currently live and I'd like to continue to attend similar and to make some mummy friends in the area.

Hope someone can help point us to some specific areas so we can start house hunting (the area I'm currently looking at on Rightmove is huge)!

LocalEditorNottingham Wed 30-Apr-14 21:19:50

Hello there,

For commuting to Loughborough you'd want the south of Nottingham - so West Bridgford - or, especially if commuting by train, Beeston (though check the relevant train times).

Both meet your criteria. WB is a large area with a good high street, parks and a lot of children's activities. Schools are good. See the 'possible move to south of Nottingham' thread below.

Beeston is smaller and further out from the centre of Nottingham but also with a high street, cafes etc and increasingly well-connected to town - by buses and, imminently, a new tram line. It's close to Attenborough Nature Reserve and not far from University Park, Lakeside Arts Centre (lots for children there) and Wollaton Park.

Does that help? Are there other Nottingham areas you're considering?

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