Dunkirk Primary School

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R0zz Mon 09-Sep-13 19:49:24

Anyone have any comment/opinion on Dunkirk Primary? Any parents reading this who can help by answering a few questions?

Currently living abroad, my husband and I have two boys who are at international schools. We're due to move back to the UK next year but I have no way of visiting the school at the moment.

The website looks great and just the sort of teaching environment which my boys would enjoy but, what's good/bad about the school from a parent/pupil point of view? What are the teachers like? Is there a holistic approach to a child's development/intellect or is it repeated drill format reading/writing/maths exercises?


Godivacrappyname Sat 15-Feb-14 13:13:26

it is very close to a main road at the back of the school so conssider whether this would worry you. (pass it on the ring road.)

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