Toddler groups around carlton,Gedling,Mapperley

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MummyLeg Thu 30-Aug-12 01:32:46

Little lambs is good, there is also a group at bread and bitter on (I think) a Monday morning which is nice. Also, music time at the sure starts is amazing! Have been to Walter Halls and Sherwood but prefer the Sherwood one I think as it is a closer circle and seems much easier to get chatting.

Mibby Thu 23-Aug-12 17:17:17

Central Stay and Play (Carlton Central Infants) Foxhill
Road, Carlton. Every Fri 1.30-3pm (term time only)
£1.50 per family (refreshments included) indoor/outdoor
play, arts & crafts and much more all welcome.
Contact Heather Hallam 07724897500


We're in ng4

LaLeLu25 Thu 23-Aug-12 17:06:39

Try Little Lambs. Good Shepherd Fridays 2-4pm. Very friendly. They have a Facebook page. Starts again 7th Sept. £1.50 per family. Also Fridays 10-12 Walter Halls childrens centre Messy Play. Free. Fruit snack for kids and toys very good and stimulating. Good luck.

Lucy55 Tue 31-Jul-12 21:33:44

Hi there, new to mumsnet, and just researching into local groups for me and my little boy to go to. He is 1 on Sunday(can't believe it). He's just started walking so think I could try him with a toddler group now, all the groups I have been to before are baby groups and everyone has gone back to worksad. I work from home so I like to still take my little boy out to meet other kids. Some toddler groups I have been to are not so friendly so was hoping for any recommendations. Prefer smaller groups but I'm open to anything?? smile

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