Anyone used Sirrah cattery in edwalton?

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Poppylovescheese Sun 26-Aug-12 20:38:40

I second Belvoir: fab!

mummatotwo Sun 26-Aug-12 08:49:54

Belvoir Bording Kennels at Colston Bassett is excellent

Littlepumpkinpie Mon 20-Aug-12 00:00:40

Heard good things about the one in Ruddington from my groomer and have booked my dogs in for next week. We looked around and the first thing i noticed when we pulled up outside was for clean smell of disinfectant. The other thing I loved was they say drop in anytime without appointment.

Squigglywiggly Sat 21-Jul-12 15:27:24

Any feedback? Cannot find anything bad or good!

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