Nct anyone?

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MidwifeJane66 Thu 19-Jul-12 21:41:49

Hi Littlemissimpatient,

Just noticed your thread as I've been a busybee on here tonight adding some directory listings to the Nottingham Directory. I know I can't directly advertise my company to you as the rules won't allow it. So if you access "antenatal" under the directory you will see a few new entries all under the same company. If there is anything that interests you please feel free to get in touch.
Many thanks

Littlemissimpatient Tue 17-Jul-12 08:22:02

Thank you smile

PeazlyPops Sat 07-Jul-12 22:13:09

I did NCT classes in Nottingham, I went to the Beeston class. I didn't get much out of the actual class, but made some great friends & we're all still in touch, have regular meet-ups etc. I'm normally very shy & find it hard to make friends, so i'm glad I went.

Sorry, can't recommend any antenatal swimming exercise.

Littlemissimpatient Sat 26-May-12 15:26:37

Hi has anyone done nct classes in Nottingham?
I also wondered if anyone could recommend any antenatal swimming or exercise classes as I noticed city hospital have stopped the antenatal swimming. Thanks

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