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realnappiesmum Tue 24-Apr-12 23:24:01

Looking at moving to Ruddington, does anyone have knowledge of schools primary and secondary (for the future)? Also what about the commute into Nottingham. Would west bridgford be better?
Any other areas to consider?

baffledmum Tue 01-May-12 21:19:54


There is just the one primary school in Ruddington. The situation with primary schools in both Ruddingto and West Bridgford is pretty nightmarish. I'd suggest you call the school to find out what happened in the admission round just gone but unless you live in catchment it is tough to get a place and even then it isn't guaranteed. Do your research carefully!

The commute into Nottingham is around 18 minutes from Ruddington but where are you going to be working? We have the workplace parking levy in Nottm so find out whether your employer meets this or whether you will have to, and also look to see whether houses you are interested in are for sale because phase 2 of the tram is about to go through your back garden.

Public transport is pretty good from both Bridgford and Ruddington.

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