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panthersdaughter1 Wed 04-Apr-12 16:30:05

Is there anyone who lives around the Nottm area who might be able to help me with a little advice please?

I'm looking for somewhere to take my 3 young lads for a day out over the weekend but I only moved to Nottm a few weeks ago and my local knowledge isn't really up to speed yet.

Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions on where may be a good place to go please? Somewhere outdoors would be great (hopefully the weather will be better than today!)

Thanks for your help!

Yorky Wed 04-Apr-12 20:08:22

Where in Nottm area are you and do you drive? and how old are your DSs? We like White post farm on the A617 (Mansfield way) but our eldest is only 5, there is also wheelgate park across the roundabout from the farm which is child friendly theme park rides.

Will ask DH for his recommendations as I'm a newcomer to the area too, but he lived there most of his life

inthepinkgirl Thu 05-Apr-12 12:10:30

I've been to Wheelgate Park a few times with my kids, that is really good fun for the kids.

Have you tried www.fastfind.info ? There's a big list of things to do in and around Nottingham over Easter on this page.

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