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smilesbykelly Thu 26-Jan-12 22:04:14

im a face painter in Nottingham. I'm not writing this thread to advertise, just purely wanted tomask mums in this area what you think about hiring face painters for parties and how much you would be wiling to pay?? I am quite busy, but things do seem to be slower this time of year :-/

jellyspoon Fri 27-Jan-12 11:00:14

Hi I have been looking for a facepainter in the nottingham area for about a month, the quotes I have had have been more than I could afford so close after christmas, quotes have been around £40 an hour when £20 an hour are more like it. I understand alot of work goes into it though so know why it does cost alot. I think if you offered special offers in slower times of the year that would be good. Hope this helps x

smilesbykelly Fri 27-Jan-12 21:00:20

Thanks jellyspoon, I will Definately take this on board, I may think about advertising special offers when times are slow. I charge 30 per hour, a little less than other painters I know as I think 3.00 per face is enough, although sometimes when I've been painting for two hours non stop and with the price of petrol and the paints themselves, I can see why some people charge what they do. Thanks for the feedback.

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