Baby groups in Mansfield

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lj30 Tue 01-Nov-11 18:06:29

Hi, I have a 7 week old baby girl and would like to get involved in baby groups to meet other mums, does anyone know of any?

NoGoodAtHousework Sat 28-Jan-12 14:19:43

Only just looked at this section. Titchfield and Oakham sure start centre is great. Not cliquey, cosy and always doing activities (or not is you prefer to just sit and chat) lots of fairly young babies as well so not too many toddlers tearing round!!

lisakell Sat 03-Mar-12 21:26:01

I'm 36 weeks at the moment and recently heard about the sherwood pines buggy walking group which I think sounds like a fab way to get out, get fit and meet other mums. Can't wait to sign up!

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