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Nikki1981 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:33:31


I am new to mumsnet and am due to go off on maternity leave on 18th November with baby being due on 5th December. I am wanting to make sure I have lots of things to do whilst I am off for a year!

Are there any mummy's to be due around the same time who would like to form a little group to meet up or just chat to on here?


Squigglywiggly Fri 14-Oct-11 07:46:57

My daughter will be one around your due date! Didn't want you to think that no one posted on this board!

Good idea about getting a good social life sorted! My friends who I met through pregnancy fitness classes and antenatal classes were a life saver! Shame they are all heading back to work!

If you want to pick my brains for experience on newborn probs I am most happy to be of assistance!

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