Moving to Newcastle from Cornwall

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kbrown3086 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:07:04

Looking for some advice on where to live that is commutable to Newcastle please. Ideally on the train line so the husband can get to work easily. Would prefer to be in a village if possible, with a good primary school. We don't know the area at all so any advice would be great, thank you

dippypanda Thu 23-Jun-16 11:45:55

Hi! We're quite lucky in that we have the metro system which connects most of Tyne and Wear together - check out the map on the Nexus website. How far out would you consider? If you're looking for a village then you would need to probably be a bit further out from the city which then is a struggle by metro/rail. Northumberland and Durham both have train connections and they have smaller village locations. For example I live in Blyth, Northumberland and I could get a train from Cramlington to Newcastle and it takes approx 20 mins but trains are less often. However when I lived in Whitley Bay (a seaside town 10 min drive along the coast I could easily get the metro into Newcastle every 5 mins which would take approx 25 mins). We are so lucky to have both the coast and villages around us.

Regarding schools, most areas have at least one Outstanding primary school in it's location from my knowledge (I'm a parent gov so I know the local area quite well for stats etc.)

Happy for you to pm me if you're interested in any particular area and I can help with a bit more information (previously used to work in Lettings so I know the area quite well smile

RiffnRaff Mon 15-May-17 09:26:20

Don't know if you will already have moved by now but don't overlook the Tyne Valley - west from Newcastle. There is a reliable train line all the way along to Carlisle, and anywhere from Hexham eastwards is easily commutable.

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