Halloween and Half Term.

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Cannycraic Mon 16-Sep-13 17:43:03

I know the schools have only just gone back but I'm thinking ahead and looking for activities that are taking place for Halloween or half term.

If you know of any, then add them to the What's On section or post your suggestions here and I'll add the info needed.

Looking forward to a spooktacular Halloween. grin

JetTat Mon 11-Nov-13 15:16:34

Pregnant in the Hexham/Corbridge area?

I'm newly pregnant and wondered if anyone in the same boat fancied meeting up to go for a walk? I used to do a lot of running etc but am trying to tone it down, but finding walking on my own very boring!! Obviously with the dark evenings finding a time might be tricky but I thought I'd put some feelers out. smile

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