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TsarinaPamela Thu 17-Mar-11 21:54:19

Hello, I am the new Tsarina for this area, It was set up as I was struggling to find things which weren't in Newcastle. If anyone has an suggestions of things which should be added then please let me know and I will try nd build it up as a great resource bank.
Many thanks

AngeChica Fri 18-Mar-11 13:18:35

someone does TinyTalk in Cram ...I used to go when DS was a baby
I recommend Space to Play in Bedlington. An intimate soft play good for littler ones great coffee and activities in mornings / afternoons.

TsarinaPamela Sun 03-Apr-11 22:00:57

Great, I have Tiny Talk down already but will add Space to Play to the list.
Thanks x

dazzlingdeborahrose Sun 08-May-11 09:37:39

How about beginning to list groups and classes for various activities. Also places to visit with children?

I recommend, Plessey Woods, Bedlingtonshire Country Park, Woodhorn Colliery Museum as local places to visit for walking, picnics etc.

Kathsmum Sun 19-Jun-11 18:10:14

Welcome Pamela and thanks for taking it on.

TsarinaPamela Sun 07-Aug-11 22:05:12

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, will get onto this as soon as I can. Thanks for the suggestions.

Exstagtik Thu 13-Jun-13 14:58:02

Hi - just musing my way round the site in my 'new stag on the block' kinda way. :-)

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