Looking to move to Northamptonshire... no idea where to start!?

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hannahbanananana Mon 29-Jun-15 11:13:32

Currently living in North Warwickshire (about 20 mins north of Coventry) but starting a new job at Northampton General Hospital tomorrow. Not looking forward to the commute! House is up for sale.. originally we were looking around South Leicestershire as OH works in Coventry, so wanted to be somewhere in the middle but he was offered a new job in Milton Keynes last week. Have no idea where to look! Don't know the area at all, so not sure what is nice and what is not.

We're both happy with a commute of about 40/50 mins if the area is right. Would like a small market-type town or large village (as long as there is a shop, pub or 2 and petrol station nearby), preferably nice countryside around, parks, walks etc. Our budget is about £250k (possibly a bit more) and ideally we're looking for a 3-bed with a garage. Quite like the idea of a new property (in a new-ish one at the mo). Oh and baby number 1 is due in Jan, so would like a family friendly area, good schools around etc. Anyone know of any places that would tick our boxes?

OneEpisode Tue 07-Jul-15 14:04:16

Hi, don't know why no-one's answered!
The southern Norhampton suburbs are very safe, Waitrose'd, have decent schools - primary Preston Hedge's was OFSTED outstanding for instance, Caroline Chisolm good for secondary, and you should find a home in your budget, for instance www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34943025.html
This is the right side of Northampton for MK. Some new homes being built too.
Hopefully other suggestions on their way too!

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