Thinking of moving to Northants

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Jasmo Thu 21-Feb-13 14:04:43

We are thinking of moving to Northants as DH works as consultant in London and it is v expensive and damn long way to travel from Leics. Any advise on good villages with good rail links/secondary schools ad within about 10 miles of Northampton itself? Also any places to avoid . We will be looking for a 4 bed detached ( though no obj to a semi) with decent garden, School for 11 year old must be either good or outstanding as in Outstanding one at the moment!
Currently looking at Crick and villages in Guilsborough School area.

Thanks for your thoughts. Have lived in Leics since Uni so big change coming up!

SimoneRD Fri 22-Feb-13 10:35:13

hi there, Guilsborough school is outstanding and the villages around are all lovely. My parents live in Ravensthorpe. Rail link is at Long Buckby. There's going to be a big new housing development built there. House prices are considerably more in the villlages in the Guilsborough school catchment than outside it - Crick seems to have more property for sale than the others and perhaps slightly cheaper (?). Ref school catchment for Guilsborough, I've heard of years where kids in East Haddon didn't get in, and perhaps also Long Buckby (?) - so perhaps better to be on the Guilsborough/West Haddon/Crick side to be sure... it is a lovely area anyway!
Campion school in Bugbrooke is also good, and the villages around are nice. Towcester has Sponne secondary which is an excellent school as well. Caroline Chisolm school just outside Northampton is also very good, but you have to be living in quite a small defined area (all new estates on the dge of Northampton) to get in. Good luck!

Jasmo Tue 26-Feb-13 16:11:24

Thanks Simone. I will bear the warning re Long Buckby catchment in mind! Has anyone got an opinion on Braunston? Also which school do the kids go to from there?

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