Mummies or Mums to be In Rothwell/Desborough/Kettering area

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KatAndKit Mon 28-May-12 12:17:02

Hi there, I've also got a baby born in April and I live in Corby, feel free to message me - I'm quite new to the area and would love to meet other people with new babies. Hope it's all going well for you.

FashionEaster Fri 06-Apr-12 21:10:22

Hi Soon2b, just noticed your post - have you had your baby yet?
Hope all is going well.

When you are able to get out and about, can really recommend the Surestart Centre based in Desborough Library, if you don't already know it, and although no experience of it personally, Rothewell has one too.

Soon2bMemberof2Under2s Sat 21-Jan-12 14:06:30


I'm new to the site today and just wondered if there was any mums in the above areas out there?

I have a 10month old little boy and am expecting again in April

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