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racwelsh Sat 17-Oct-09 23:38:06

A one day event to promote Freegle. Freegle are a non-profit organisation whos aim it is to keep good stuff out of landfill.
We are running this event to offer the opportunity to the local community to think recycle, reuse when getting rid of and aquiring items.
Please bring along one item which may be of use to someone else. A book, breadbin, pans, toys any bricabrac.( We can not accept clothing, electrical items due to health and safety nor furniture due to transportation issues.)

Pay a pound entry and take away 4 items free of charge.

We are also inviting local Eco - Friendly Businesses to promote their goods and services to encourage our community to rethink there buying habits too.

We are charging £1 entry fee to cover the cost of the hall.

I hope as many of you will take advantage of this opportunity to think Green and reduce your carbon footprint for one day

Saturday, November 28, 2009
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Weston Favell Parish Hal

Report this message Edit message rachel says: hiya just to add more detail about the event
if you are not local to the area or not able to travel then passing on the message to people you may know in the area is the idea of the post.

trying to get a hall for free to hold this event was impossible, so £1 entry is to pay for the hire of the hall and any money left over will be donated to the national plant 10,000 tree campaign which again offsets our carbon footprint. more details about this are at in the 10,000 tree tab on the left.

there wont be any stalls there with anything for sale they will be there only to promote and help each other become more eco-friendly. all stalls will be giving away freebies and information.

the reason for no clothes is that sometimes at events like this there has been times where clothes have been soiled which can cause problems as any items that are left over from the event will go to a charity shop.

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