new to northampton....first baby on the way...looking for new friends

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lou1981 Sun 19-Oct-08 10:32:28

im new in northampton
14 weeks pregnant pretty much know noone...would love to meet new people.

im due in april


Woodcock Tue 01-Jun-10 17:20:55


I'm new to mumsnet and have only lived in Northampton for 2 years, it is difficult meeting people in a new place and when you have a baby. Your little one must be a monh or 2 old by now? I hope you are coping well, it took me 4 months to get my act together, my little boy is 7 months old now and things are beginning to fall into place!

Feel free to contact for a meet up!


redgenie Sat 21-Aug-10 16:44:37

Hi, I am Geniene.. aged 31 and mum to Ethan who is 2, and a baby on the way! I have been in Northampton for several years but since having my son, seem to have lost contact with all my friends as they're not doing the family thing and don't seem to want to know me I am looking for friendship with other mummies to help me get out and socialise, and for playdates for my son! Please contact me!! :D

Varam75 Tue 31-Aug-10 21:01:16

HI, my name is Vikki and I have a 2yr old daughter Bethany. I would like to make some friends with other mums in Northampton (I have to admit I have lived here all my life!!!). Please contact me if you wish to me up for a chat. Vikki

mickymoo Tue 11-Jan-11 14:09:33

hi all not sure if this is a bit old but im looking for new friends here too

nik12 Wed 19-Jan-11 17:57:06

hello my name is nicola and im a first time mum my baby is 13 weeks old, i live in a village so would love to meet other mums as dont know many people here

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