Newish in Wellingborough and looking to make some friends

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CAZYB Fri 20-Jun-08 11:51:55


I have been in Wellingborough for just over a year now with my husband and our Daugter is now nearly 10 months old.

I am starting to meet people but cant find many in Wellingborough.

If anyone is interested in chatting or meeting up let me know


shelleylou Fri 20-Jun-08 17:15:55

Hi Caz,
There are MN'ers in wellingborough ill let them know your looking to chat/meet up. Im in kettering myself but go wellingborough quite a bit

FAQ Fri 20-Jun-08 17:49:45

oooo - hello - I'm in Wellingborough grin

<<<<<<<<<<<<waves furiously at another MN'er in the same town>>>>>>>>>

There aren't many of us (that I know about) but we're all lovely (but mostly slightly mad wink).

shelleylou Fri 20-Jun-08 17:58:23

<<<agrees FAQ is slightly mad>>> grin

shelleylou Fri 20-Jun-08 18:23:49

<<in a very lovely way>>

FAQ Fri 20-Jun-08 18:45:50

<<<<<<<<but not as mad as ShelleyLou wink>>>>>

CAZYB - we're not that mad honest - I've have 3 DS's, 7,4 and nearly 13 months. Live near the centre of town not far from Morrisons.

CAZYB Mon 23-Jun-08 12:00:50

Hey other people in Welly I was starting to think that i was the only person living here!! ;0)

Im mad too so should fit in quite well.

I live over in Gleneagles so not too far and I walk into town quite a lot as not much else to do here as far as ive found

got to go Erin not happy

thanks for messages take care

Chaotica Mon 23-Jun-08 17:03:10

I'm in wellingborough too (and not from here)... (Have 9m (nearly) DS and 2year DD.)

FAQ Mon 23-Jun-08 18:11:50

lol - no it's not the most "happening" place is it.

CAZYB Mon 23-Jun-08 19:41:44

Ooohhhh I like this... you know what I never thought I was going to find anyone to chat too or meet up with.

I have been trying to find mums and tots groups in Welly but they are either all on a Wed.. which is when I go back to MK to see the mums I know there, or they are run by churches (sorry not really religious) or they are in the surrounding means I have to haul my backside out or bed to get organised. Anyone know of anything that I am missing??

Does anyone fancy a meet up at some point?
I havent checked out the abreviations yet so havent a clue what DS means but I will look in a min lol grin

Chaotica Erin will be 10 months on Friday so not much age gap at all. Everyone else what age are you little ones?

CAZYB Mon 23-Jun-08 19:43:12

sorry FAQ Ive just realised that you have already told me... Doh!!!! I swear that having a baby has melted my brain

FAQ Mon 23-Jun-08 19:50:07

CAZYB - most of the groups in Wellingborough are run by churches, and while several of them do have a little "religious" bit - that doesn't mean you wouldn't be welcome. In fact all of the ones I've been to (All Hallows, and St. Barnabas and St. Marks) are all of us (even us religious nuts wink) aren't at all pushy and go for the coffee, gossip and biscuits grin.

CAZYB Mon 23-Jun-08 22:58:13

I just think I would feel like a hippocrite as I dont go to church, its not that I dont believe in it or anything...its just that I dont nave an oppinon about it at all.

Didnt mean to offend...sorry.

(I must stop using ..... as people will think um nuts)!!!

Im thinking of trying jumping jax at the pemberton centre on a monday....anyone fancy going or been??

FAQ Mon 23-Jun-08 23:11:15

oh goodness you musn't feel like a hypocrite certainly no-one at the ones I've mentioned above is going to force you to come to church on a Sunday, or condemn you if you don't have an opinion (or even if you don't believe at all!)

The one I'm involved in at St. Barnabas runs something like this

2pm - Church

Song (to the tune of Here we go round the Mulberry Bush) - with actions.

Story (sat on little mats) (yes it's biblical but aimed at pre-schoolers..........most of whom are busy flashing their knickers, sliding up and down the aisle, or trying to play the piano/generally get up to mischief.

Birthdays (if anyone has one that week)

Another song, again with actions.

"Procession" - this involved getting a large box of drums, shakers, tambourines etc etc down, and walking round the church while (supposedly lol) singing another song - actually they tend to race round as many times as they can before the music stops and all you can hear is drums.

Finish the "service" (usually last about 15/20 minutes) with another song (more actions).

Then finish in the church with I'm a little Teapot (don't ask - not sure how that one started it's something they've done since before I started going there nearly 6yrs ago)

Then we traipse down to the hall at about 2.20/2.30 (30 second walk), pig out on biscuits (sometimes cakes too), drink coffee, the children race around the hall trying to "out-do" each other in various games, more knicker flashing and we gossip.

Most of us currently leave at about 3.15 (for school run) but when there were more with "pre-school" children only usually went on until about 3.30.

Pemberton Centre?? Never heard of it blush

CAZYB Tue 24-Jun-08 16:31:56

Oooh that sounds a bit too old for Erin.... Shes a VERY social creature and just wants to play with other children (crawling) and I would be worried that she would be trodden on (I am sounding like an over protective mother, im not I promise)

The Pemberton centre is the leisure centre (I think) in Rushden heres a link

Jumpi n jax is on a monday and it sounds as though it will really wear Erin out... and I need that at the moment she is being a realy monkey! lol

We appear to have lost the other two you think weve upset them???

Come back?!?!?!?!!? grin blush

FAQ Tue 24-Jun-08 18:23:18

no not at all. I've been taking DS3 since he was 1 week old (he's just turned 1) and DS2 went from when he was tiny too. I've probably over exagerated quite a bit - I was just trying to point out that it's not overly "religious" grin

There's only a handful of us there (average 4/5 each week) and it's a big hall (and an even bigger church. Certainly DS3 has come to no harm crawling around smile

And we're going to be severely down on regulars come September as the older ones are all off to school (including my DS2 [cries]). So we're looking for new people. (nearly said fresh blood lol)

Actually my DS3 will be the only "regular" attender there come September shock (there's actually about 10-15 mums that comes with their DC and various times, but a few of us staunch regulars lol).

ShelleyLou is actually in Kettering - don't worry we've not upset her - she spotted this thread and pointed me in this direction as she knows I'm actually in Wellingborough.

Don't know about Chaotica - first time I've heard of her on this thread grin

CAZYB Tue 24-Jun-08 19:36:52

OK then you have talked me in to it lol... whens its on?? grin

I have a few bits planned over the next couple of weeks and then we are off on holiday with my folks hmm

take care

FAQ Tue 24-Jun-08 20:24:44

It's on Thursday at 2pm - start off in the Church. Next week its the picnic so we'll be starting earlier at 1.30

We'll have to meet in Morrisons for Coffee sometime smile

shelleylou Tue 24-Jun-08 20:29:48

upset me??!!!! Good luck trying lol

FAQ Tue 24-Jun-08 20:31:03

don't worry CazyB - once we've met I'll let you in on the inside tricks of how to upset ShelleyLou wink

shelleylou Tue 24-Jun-08 21:22:13

oi!!!!! ye the easiest one is mention my ex lol

FAQ Wed 25-Jun-08 12:15:23

lo grin

CAZYB Wed 25-Jun-08 21:47:41

lol you two are funny.

OK...prob too late to come along tomorrow... we might if I can find the place and if I get up enough currage. lol

The following week is just before I go on holiday so it depends on how much I am stressing about packing etc.

I will come at some point soon tho I promise

shelleylou Thu 26-Jun-08 09:17:06

Its not far from quick fit, its on the corner of St barnabus and i think the entrance to the church is on the next road. FAQ will be able to let you know properly

FAQ Thu 26-Jun-08 12:24:54

there's an entrance on College street and St. Barnabas street grin

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