Would you move to Bozeat?

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clairebearlondon Sun 28-Oct-12 08:38:31

I'm thinking of relocating to Bozeat because of work (I'll be comuting to Milton Keynes) - any advice? Would love to know if it's in a good catchment area. I don't have children but would like to start a family in the next fee years. Thanks!

Atar1ste Fri 14-Dec-12 14:28:21

Hi, I grew up there and wouldn't want to live there as an adult. It is okay to live in, but I find it has a lot of inverted snobbery. My mum and dad moved there in 1980 and are still not considered local.

Much nicer, and much closer to MK, is Olney. Bozeat is at least a 35 minute drive to MK and that's without traffic.

The schools near Bozeat are, in my opinion, average. I did not enjoy the schools but it was 15 years ago so it may have changed.


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