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sjdaniels Fri 04-May-12 11:30:21

I am one of the 5% that my child did not get a place in any of her preferred schools. angry

I have made a comment on the chronicle and echo's website under 2 news articles about %s of school places and about a child being places 3 miles from his home.

I am suggesting that all parents who are 100% going to appeal their decision makes a post on either of the chornicle articles stating the school they have been advised to accept (even if asppealing) and the school they are appealing to get into.

I'm sure this wont change the councils mind but am positive the chronicle would get behind it if it shows that due to parents being told to accept their place even if not going to use it there would be many more appeals accepted (rather than the 8% that went through last year). parents could look and see how easily it would be to "swap" schools with other parents and see how many people from the shcool they are appealing to get in have parents accepting but appealing to get out of.

Please join in with this as we need to show the council it simply is not right and fair!

ToryLovell Fri 04-May-12 18:15:43

Whilst I have every sympathy for you (having been in the same situation myself) this will not influence an appeals panel, so will make no impact whatsoever on waiting lists / appeal success.

An appeal will only be successful if you have valid grounds - such as proving that the admission criteria was wrongly applied or that your child has exceptional needs.

Unfortunately when parent's choose to apply for a school other than their nearest, this leaves them with the prospect of not getting any of their choices.

When you have a school like Sunnyside that has a large PAN but no-one wants to go to then it becomes the default option

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