Any recs for a family friendly pub or restaurant in or south of Northampton?

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OlympicEater Thu 08-Mar-12 10:56:07

Its cheaper in the week - their prices go up so weekend more expensive than week; dinner more expensive than lunch.

However IIRC children squeezed in highchairs are free

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 07-Mar-12 20:25:40

How the hell have I not noticed it? I must be at Weston Favell centre a million times a week grin
Child friendly you say? Will have to try it this weekend. To support local businesses you understand smile

MonsterBookOfTysons Wed 07-Mar-12 20:22:49

It is in the new bit behind Lidl Stick. It has been there since they made that boulevard smile
<Realises I am not selling the place aswell now>

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 07-Mar-12 20:16:00

Ooh The Mandarin is just down the road from me. Why have I never seen it? Is it new?
I second The Navigation too.

OlympicEater Wed 07-Mar-12 20:14:20

My DCs love that place too.

Halfway between MK and Northampton on the A508 there is a pub next to the canal at Stoke Bruerne that is family friendly called the Navigation, nice to walk along the canal if the weather is dry.

MonsterBookOfTysons Wed 07-Mar-12 20:11:29

HaHa just realised this thread is two weeks old, we may be a bit late grin
Oh well.

MonsterBookOfTysons Wed 07-Mar-12 20:10:00

grin myBoy, I think we are selling this place pretty well!

myBOYSareBONKERS Wed 07-Mar-12 20:06:35

one !!! one!!! good grief that's not in my vocabulary!!

MonsterBookOfTysons Wed 07-Mar-12 20:04:09

MyBoy, my favourite part is the puddings! I am dieting atm and don't trust myself to eat just one cake grin

myBOYSareBONKERS Wed 07-Mar-12 20:02:52

yum!! me too!

MonsterBookOfTysons Wed 07-Mar-12 19:59:49

There is The Mandarin in Northampton near weston favell.
It is a buffet style place with a chocolate fountain and loads of choice of food.
I love it there!

myBOYSareBONKERS Wed 07-Mar-12 19:56:43

There are loads of Harvesters in MK and one just off M1 J15

Eclairwaldorf Fri 02-Mar-12 15:08:44


BellaBearisWideAwake Thu 16-Feb-12 20:39:50

We are meeting some relatives for lunch halfway between ours and theirs, and that is roughly Milton Keynes or possibly Northampton.
We are 4 adults, a 4yo and 2x12mo.
Does anyone have any ideas about somewhere we could meet for a good couple of hours, have a nice lunch, easy to find?
Many thanks in advance!

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