2 quick random questions for Northampton Ladies

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Liza191 Fri 27-Jan-12 16:44:50

Hi All

Just got two random questions wandering if anyone in the area knows.

1. How may birthing pools do th Barrats Maternity ward have (trying to think what my chances are of getting one when the big day arrives)
2. Are there any Baby Sign language classes in the area

Thanks Ladies

Knysna13 Wed 01-Feb-12 11:20:06

Hi Liza,

I only found your post now, hope it is not to late ? I think they have two, not sure though, as both mine come to quickly for me to even get to the pool, lol

As for baby signing classes there is a class every friday morning at the Park methodist church. Tiny talk I think is the name of the people that do it. They do BSL There is also one at the Abington church on the same day they do the weigh in's. Not sure about the days as it has been a while since we have been, but I think it is on a Wednesday at about 1 pm. She does Makaton.

My dd's both loved the classes, but the afternoon class more often than not interfered with nap times. We decided to stop going to the Tiny talk class as my girls were watching Something Special on CBeebies, which is also Makaton based, and I was worried they were going to get confused. I must say we learned so much from Justin on Something Special, really worth a try.

Hope this helps

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