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StickAForkInMeImDone Mon 09-Jan-12 09:47:37


Following on from thread in chat (I think, or was it AIBU-not sure), does anyone fancy arranging a meet up?

MudAndGlitter Tue 10-Jan-12 18:48:22

I can do anytime. I've even booked a haircut in anticipation!
This is my first ever meet up.

Issimma Tue 10-Jan-12 18:50:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert Tue 10-Jan-12 18:52:32

Ok so Wednesday.

10am? How's that for everyone?


My first ever meet up too. So exciting. grin

MotherPanda Tue 10-Jan-12 18:58:51

Ooh, what were when who? Am Banbury but would love to meet up with locals some time. I will bring a family pack of Pom bears.

Eclairwaldorf Tue 10-Jan-12 19:02:06

I'll be there in spirit grin

Tyson86 Tue 10-Jan-12 19:28:26

10 am is fine for me, although I am coming as I am, which is not a pretty sight in the mornings wink

PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert Tue 10-Jan-12 19:31:47


So far we're at next Wednesday at 10am.

Not sure where yet though. I've only been in Northampton since October and not gone out much yet so waiting for someone else to make a firm suggestion. grin

Issimma Tue 10-Jan-12 21:08:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Honeydragon Tue 10-Jan-12 23:28:41

MotherPanda I'm very close to you, I'm Brackley

MudAndGlitter Tue 10-Jan-12 23:35:16

I only really know hartwell so you natives can decide!

MartyrStewart Tue 10-Jan-12 23:51:26

10am is fine for me, Moulton is just up the road. smile

NorthamptonTsarina Wed 11-Jan-12 06:35:08

is it odd to come without a child? mine will be in school. i guess i could be on spare hands duty.

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 11-Jan-12 06:54:51

So is everyone happy with 10am at Bezerk next Wednesday?
We will all have to be holding a packet of Pom bears to recognise each other wink

NorthamptonTsarina Wed 11-Jan-12 07:24:05

sounds good to me. i have nowhere to source pombears though wink

cupofteaplease Wed 11-Jan-12 07:41:50

I'm in Towcester, didn't realise there were so many local mumsnetters!

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 11-Jan-12 08:04:20

Ooh Cup you're only 15mins from me. I have been following your thread and praying for you, Beatrice and your family. I didn't realise there were so many local MNers either - I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say that if any of us locals can do anything just holler.
Depending on how things are going with you & Beatrice if you want 1/2 hour for a coffee somewhere we would love to arrange it,to talk nonsense and to eat pombears cake smile

MotherPanda Wed 11-Jan-12 09:14:16

Hello Honeydragon, I love the book shop in Brackley, Have been a few times just to go there!

PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert Wed 11-Jan-12 10:25:46

I'll take that hands on duty Tsarina. grin

Honeydragon Wed 11-Jan-12 10:27:54

CupofTea same here ... didn't realise you were down the road x

Can't believe I had the opportunity to meet you at the Christmas Fair! Peppa and Iggle Piggle were awesome weren't they? If you ever want to get together you know where I am wink

MotherPanda I'll pm you next time I'm in Banbury if you want to meet for a coffee? Or let me know next time your in Brackley and I'll take you to the courtyard coffee house, they are really Mum friendly x

cupofteaplease Wed 11-Jan-12 12:00:01

StickAForkInMe and Honeydragon Hi neighbours! grin

Beatrice and I have a second home, otherwise known as Costa in Towcester. We are in there at least 3 times a week blush If you can get here and fancy a cupoftea (see what I did there?!), then please do let me know, I'd love to meet some real life MNers. smile

I used to go to Brackley a lot with dd2 to BumbleBees before she started school, but visits have tailed off now as they prefer Rainbows in Daventry or Play 360 in MK.

Honeydragon Wed 11-Jan-12 13:49:53

Have you tried the Surestart centre in Brackley? We have a few Mums (and a Dad!) who come from Towcester, we've got a reputation as a nice friendly group, and are quite tied to the Towcester one for amenities.

I'll check the bus time tables though and we'll see what days would be could to visit smile

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 11-Jan-12 21:00:17

cup I will definitely come down to Towcester in the next week or so. Is it weird that I have never been in a Costa? smile

Cupoftea - I didn't realise you were so local - I have been following your thread and praying for Beatrice. smile

So are we on for next Wednesday then?

MotherPanda Fri 13-Jan-12 19:03:37

Honeydragon - thanks, Would love to meet up some time.

Same goes for the rest of you locals! Towcester is beyond my reach - but would be very happy to come to the Brackley surestart have tea sometime.

Cupoftea - Have also been thinking of you.

Not sure I'm going to make the official meet up - as Northampton is also beyond my reach (Banbury buses are ridiculous!). Will be shaking pom bears in spirit though!

StickAForkInMeImDone Fri 13-Jan-12 19:12:52

Bitter Yes I have next Wednesday marked down. 10am, Bezerk, carrying a packet of Pom bears smile

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